Portable Analytical Instruments (Handheld Raman, NIR & FTIR)

Service Support Plans

As exclusive agents for Thermo PAI (Portable Analytical Instrument Division) for the UK and Ireland, we provide full IQOQ services on initial implementations and thereafter offer a number of comprehensive service contract and re-qualification options for our range of Raman, NIR and FTIR Handheld instruments.

We offer a range of Service/Support Contract, Warranty and Calibration options to suit your maintenance and budget needs (please see Qualification section)

  • TruScan Classic
  • TruScanRM
  • TruScanGP
  • microPHAZIR Rx
  • microPHAZIR AG
  • microPHAZIR GP
  • microPHAZIR PC
  • microPHAZIR AS
  • TruDefenderFTX
  • FirstDefender/RM/RMX

Fully supported HPLC and GC modules from Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, Varian, Perkin Elmer, Thermo, Spectra Physics, Gilson......

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