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Welcome to Antech Solutions Ltd Website

Antech are the premier Chromatography & Tablet Dissolution, Disintegration Qualification, Sales, Service and Training company in Ireland. We supply Chromatography Consumables and Instrumentation. We specialise in Handheld Spectroscopy and are the sole distributor in Ireland and the UK for Thermo Fisher Scientifics PAI (Portable Analytical Instruments Division) for Handheld Spectrometers including: TruScan - Innovative Raman Handheld Spectrometer, TruDefender - Handheld FTIR Spectrometer, microPHAZIR (polychromix) - Portable Handheld NIR Spectrometer. Niton XRF - Handheld X-Ray. Portable GMP - Handheld GMP. Chromatography Supplies. Dissolution and Disintegration Supplies. Portable Analyser, Handheld Analyzer, Portable NIR Analyzer, Handheld NIR Analyser. Handheld (Portable) Raman, NIR and FTIR Analysers (Analyzers).

Our complete laboratory services include Validation, User Training courses plus Service Contracts and Maintenance for a complete range of products including:

TruScan handheld Raman system for rapid raw material verification. Portable GMP; Handheld GMP. Non-destructive point-and-shoot sampling through sealed packaging delivers results in just seconds. Thermo Scientific - Portable Optical Analyis - TruScan Raman handheld spectrometer reduces the need for quarantine areas and staging of raw materials and minimizes risk of exposure and contamination. Compliant to all relevant global regulatory, safety and commercial requirements, including UL intrinsic safety certification and support for 21 CFR Part 11. Portable cGMP - Handheld cGMP. Thermo Scientific (Portable Optical Analysis Division) TruScan (Raman Handheld/Portable Spectrometer) for Anti-Counterfeit. Raman Spectroscopy. Handheld Spectroscopy. New TruScan RM - Faster, Lighter Handheld Portable Raman Analyser, Spectrometer.  TruDefenderFT, Handheld FTIR Spectometer, Portable FTIR, Analytical FTIR.  Portable NIR, Handheld NIR, microPHAZIR Handheld NIR Analyser, Portable NIR spectrometer, Handheld NIR spectrometer.  Niton XRF - Handheld X-Ray.  Portable X-Ray Analyser.  Handheld Spectrometers. TruScan RM

We also offer Thermo Scientifics TruProcess (SpectralProbeTM Blender) - the next generation NIR sensor for real time blend analysis, drying, and other PAT (Process Analytical Technology) applications.  PAT for QbD.
Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) Performance Verification (PV) available for our complete cGMP Handheld Portable solution range of spectrometers (spectrophotometers)/analysers.

Contact us now for further information or please browse through our website for more details.