Special Offers

Our Special Offers include: 

                microPhazir AG - Handheld Analyser for Feed, Pet Food & Ingredient Testing

                ReCol - HPLC Column Filing Systems

                TruScan Handle

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microPHAZIR AG: Free Training with every Instrument purchased

The portable microPHAZIR AG NIR analyser/spectrometer is a Handheld Analyser for Feed, Pet Food and Ingredient Analysis. 

Why not avail of a free day's training if you purchase a microPHAZIR AG unit before 31st October 2015.  Click here to read all about how it can change your analytical requirements, reduce costs and increase regulatory compliance.  

  **Remember to quote reference: FEED-SO to avail of this offer**

   ReCol: Up to 10% Discount


Our ever popular ReCol HPLC column filing systems are now even more attractive with 10% discount if 2 or more are purchased at the same time.  Just quote RECOL-SO to avail of this offer!

Discard those column boxes and enhance your laboratory 5S principles

Organise your laboratory, impress your auditors & free the time spent looking for the correct column for your analysis.

Columns are filed in row/drawer reference locations for easy retrieval and return. Click here for full spec and retail prices.

  **Remember to quote reference: RECOL-SO to avail of this offer**

TruScan Handle: 5% discount if you quote ANT-TSH-SO

The TruScan Handle works on both the TruScanRM & TruScan GP

Why use?

Ergonomic Handling Option
Facilitate single handed operation
Optimise sampling for frequent users of the instrument

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Welcome to Antech Solutions Ltd Website

Antech are the premier Chromatography & Tablet Dissolution, Disintegration Qualification, Sales, Service and Training company in Ireland. We supply Chromatography Consumables and Instrumentation.  We specialise in Handheld Spectroscopy and are the sole distributor in Ireland and the UK for Thermo Fisher Scientifics PAI (Portable Analytical Instruments Division) for Handheld Spectrometers including: TruScan - Innovative Raman Handheld Spectrometer, TruDefender - Handheld FTIR Spectrometer,  microPHAZIR (polychromix) - Portable Handheld NIR Spectrometer.  Niton XRF - Handheld X-Ray.  Portable GMP - Handheld GMP. Chromatography Supplies. Dissolution and Disintegration Supplies. Portable Analyser, Handheld Analyzer, Portable NIR Analyzer, Handheld NIR Analyser. Handheld (Portable) Raman, NIR and FTIR Analysers (Analyzers).

Our complete laboratory services include Validation, User Training courses plus Service Contracts and Maintenance for a complete range of HPLC, GC and Tablet Dissolution instrumentation. HTA Headspace and Liquid GC autosamplers are available now to operate with your existing GC including:

TruScan handheld Raman system for rapid raw material verification. Portable GMP; Handheld GMP. Non-destructive point-and-shoot sampling through sealed packaging delivers results in just seconds. Thermo Scientific - Portable Optical Analyis - TruScan Raman handheld spectrometer reduces the need for quarantine areas and staging of raw materials and minimizes risk of exposure and contamination. Compliant to all relevant global regulatory, safety and commercial requirements, including UL intrinsic safety certification and support for 21 CFR Part 11. Portable cGMP - Handheld cGMP. Thermo Scientific (Portable Optical Analysis Division) TruScan (Raman Handheld/Portable Spectrometer) for Anti-Counterfeit. Raman Spectroscopy. Handheld Spectroscopy. New TruScan RM - Faster, Lighter Handheld Portable Raman Analyser, Spectrometer.  TruDefenderFT, Handheld FTIR Spectometer, Portable FTIR, Analytical FTIR.  Portable NIR, Handheld NIR, microPHAZIR Handheld NIR Analyser, Portable NIR spectrometer, Handheld NIR spectrometer.  Niton XRF - Handheld X-Ray.  Portable X-Ray Analyser.  Handheld Spectrometers. TruScan RM
We also offer Thermo Scientifics TruProcess (SpectralProbeTM Blender) - the next generation NIR sensor for real time blend analysis, drying, and other PAT (Process Analytical Technology) applications.  PAT for QbD.
Agilent 5890, 6890 (replaces 7673), Varian 3400, 3800, 3900 (replaces 8200 and 8400 autosamplers), Perkin Elmer, Shimadzu GC9a, GC17a, GC15a, GC14a (replaces all AOC models) plus Operational and Performance Qualification. The HT300A is now a direct plug-in replacement for the HP7673 autosampler found on HP (Agilent) 5890 and 6890 GC systems. The HT300A can be controlled from multiple software packages including Hewlett Packard Chemstation, EZ Chrom plus......
Our model HT200H offers Exceptional Headspace performance and can be installed on your existing GC.
Headspace vials available for all instruments including magnetic caps for the CTC CombiPAL.

New: HT250HD offers Liquid and Headspace sampling in 1 unit.
Tablet Dissolution, Friability, Disintegration accessories for Distek, Vankel, Erweka, Sotax, Hanson, Pharmatest including validation (IQ/OQ/PQ) services.
Is your Tablet Dissolution system conforming to USP 711?
GC MS (Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer) Electron Multipliers for Varian, Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Thermo, VG, PE Sciex, Kratos, Jeol, Inficon
HPLC column filing and storage bank, ReCol LC column storage and management system www.antech.ie/recol.shtml
HPLC and GC parts including seals, plungers, filters, Most consumable items available for your laboratory
Deuterium, Xenon, Mercury, HCL (AA) lamps for Waters, HP/Agilent, Shimadzu, Perkin Elmer, Varian, Thermo, Unicam

We  offer a complete range of fully reconditioned and tested systems from: HP / Agilent 1100 HPLC and GC (5890 & 6890). Waters Alliance 2690, 2695, 2487, 996, 2996, 717, 600e
We also offer: HPLC Solvent Recycler, SolventTrak, for acetonitrile shortages, isocratic solvent recycler, solvent recycler system, acetonitrile salvage
We are exclusive agents for the complete range of Copley Scientific instrumentation.Tablet Dissolution, Disintegration, Friability, Tablet Hardness testers, capsule filling, ointment preparation, powder analysis detergent testing, blister packing plus an exhaustive list of analysers for the Research, Clinical Trials, Production and Quality Control environments. All units designed to comply with Pharmacopoeia requirements. Copley Scientific has more than 50 years' experience supplying pharmaceutical test equipment to the worldwide marketplace. Test equipment for solid dosage forms, such as tablets and capsules. Combining intuitively easy-to-use operator interfaces, free from clutter and gimmicks, with easily validated pharmacopoeia compliance, this range of products is ideal for the r&d and QC laboratories. A world leader in test equipment for inhalers (MDIs and OPIs)blenders, waring blenders (liquids and suspensions), multiblend blenders (powders and granules), turbula shaker blender (powders and granules), stomacher laboratory blender (liquid, powders and suspensions), blister packers, OMAR, minipack blister sealing machine (using pre-formed blisters), twinpack semi-automatic blister packer (using PVC/Alu pre-cut sheet), universal blister packer (for both thermo and cold forming operations), de-blistering machines, calipers and gauges, digital calipers for measuring tablets, tablet thickness gauges, capsule fillers, manual capsule filler, manual capsule inserter and filler, semi-automatic capsule inserter and filler, check weighers, sorters, colour measurement, data loggers, temptale for temperature and humidity monitoring, detergent testers, tergotometer, washing machine simulator, disintegration testers, tablet disintegration testers series, automatic disintegration testers, automated disintegration testers, DISI, DTG Series, DTG 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, DTG 2000 IS, automated tablet disintegration tester DISI, disintegration baskets, disintegration disks, tablet dissolution testers (methods 1 and 2), tablet dissolution systems, copley dissolution tester, dissolution tester model DIS 6000, 8000, tablet, also introducing the ultimate Dissolution Tester DIS-EMC, dissolution spectrophotometer, UV/VIS, HPLC, dissolution accessories, consumables, rotating basket assemblies, paddles, vessels and vessel covers, UV resistant accessories, depth and centring gauges, baskets for the determination of the dissolution rate of suppositories, cells for transdermal studies, capsule sinkers and weights, carrying cases for rotating basket assemblies and paddles, support racks, carrying racks for vessels, aquasan anti-bacterial and algae tablets, sampling accessories, sampling probes and return inserts, PVC ribbon tubing, tablet dissolution filters, USP dissolution calibrators, USP reference standards, shaft calibration and straightening kits, optical tachometers, vibration meters, USP method 5, method 6, paddle over disc (USP method 5), rotating cylinder (USP method 6), intrinsic dissolution (USP section 1087), automated dissolution, sampling stations, pumps, sample collectors, software, media preparation, turn-key dissolution systems, off-line, on-line, environmental test chambers, environmental test chamber model KBP 6395 F, KPB 6395 FL, KBP 6395 FLL, fluid bed driers, freeze driers, tablet friability testers, friability testers series FR & FRV, FR 2000, FR 1000, tablet hardness testers, monsanto tablet hardness tester (manual), copley tablet hardness tester (semi-automatic), tablet hardness testers, tablet hardness testers,  tablet hardness tester, semi-automatic hardness tester model HS8, combination tester model HS8, thickness, diameter weight, automated hardness tester, tablet combination tester, AT4, ATW, Autotest 4, 10X, homogenisers, incubators and ovens, refridgerated incubators, inhaler testers, inhaler testing systems, equipment, next generation impactor, next generation pharmaceutical impactor, model 170, NGI, labour saving devices for next generation pharmaceutical impactor, automation for next generation pharmaceutical impactor, andersen type cascade impactor, andersen cascade impactor, andersen style impactor, andersen sampler, andersen impactor, aluminium andersen cascade impactor, 316 stainless steel andersen cascade impactor, titanium andersen cascade impactor, ACI, astra type multi stage liquid impinger, MSLI, CITDAS, copley inhaler testing data analysis software, dose unit sampling apparatus, DUSA, DFM, DFM2, flowmeter, glass impinger, metal impinger, high capacity pump HCP2, HCP3, HCP4, mouthpiece adaptors, DPI, MDI, metered dose inhaler, dry powder inhaler, USP apparatus 1, 2, 3, 4, EP apparatus A, B, C, D, dry powder controller model TPK, critical flow controller model TPK, TPK-S, fisons, glaxo type impinger, sample recovery system for andersen cascade impactor, SRS, M4500, mixing inlet, glass expansion chambers, nasal chambers, nasal expansion chambers, FDA glass chambers, FDA expansion chambers for nasal sprays and nasal aerosols, nasal spray testing equipment, nasal spray testing system, nasal aerosol testing equipment, nasal spray particle sizing equipment, nasal aerosol particle sizing equipment, mixing chamber, mixing inlet, leak tester, waste dose collector, particle size, sizing, light fastness testers, Q-sun 1000 light fastness tester, liquid fillers, hand operated liquid fillers, fillers for pastes and creams, automatic liquid filling system, rotary bottle handling system, liquid/cream fillers, Griso, NA, MAN, TUBE, CODE, PRESS, CAP, SEAL, closing plastic and laminated tubes, closing metal tubes, coding, rippling and cutting tubes, stoppers, spouts and dropper closures, heat sealing system, sealers, cappers and coders, melting point testers, mills (general), analytical mill, culatti micro hammer mill, mills (coarse/medium), rotor beater mill, mills (medium), ultra centrifugal mill, mills (fine), centrifugal ball mill, planetary ball mill, mills (ultra fine), mixer mill, mills (sub-micron), air jet mill, bead mill, mixers, drum hoop mixer, double cone mixer, mixing and blending centre, motor drive unit UD-1000, UD-2000, cube mixer, drum hoop mixer, drum mixer, double cone mixer, Z blade kneader, homogeniser, mixer torque rheometer, moisture determination, infra red moisture analyser, halogen drying moisture analyser, scanflow moisture meters, slimline ointment slabs, ointment preperation, package testing, leak detection system for blister packs, package test system, PAMAS particle size analysers, particle counters, particulate contamination, liquid viewing stations, apollo 2, pigment muller, pigment testers, physical properties, powder fillers, PD100, powder pipette, semi-automatic powder filler, automatic, robotic powder filler, powder dispensers, powder testers, powder characteristics tester, bulk density tester, tapped density tester, jolting volumeter, JV 1000, JV 2000, pyconometric density tester, flowability tester, granulate flow tester, particle size distribution analyser, analyzer, sample dividers, hand dividers, laboratory sample divider, rotary tube sample divider, liquid samplers, unit dose liquid samplers, micro powder samplers, zone samplers, powder samplers, paste and cream samplers, exploratory lance, pigment lance, mini-visco samplers, other samplers, scoops, cake samplers, beaker samplers, tube samplers, shakers, 2 kilo, 5 kilo, 10 kilo, kg, sieve shakers, particle size analysis software, skincare product testers, skin diagnostics centre, mexameter, tewameter, cutometer, visiometer, visioscan, wash simulator, spheronisers and extruders, laboratory speheronizer, laboratory extruder, laboratory scale spray drier, stirrers, magnetic stirrers, overhead stirrer, suppository moulding machine, suppository moulds, suppository, suppository tester, suppository testers, suppository disintegration tester, tablet and capsule counters, electronic tablet counter, tabletting, plough share mixer, oscillating granulator, pelletiser, pelletizer, drug mill, vibratory sieve shaker, coating pan, polishing drum, tablet press, machine, torque testers, cap torque tester, capstar digital torque tester, transdermal testers, evaporation studies, ultrasonic baths, viscometers, weight variation, check weighing system, automatic bowl feeder, DQ, IQ, OQ, PQ, service agreement, United Kingdom, copley instruments, classic filters, budget filters, budget syringe filters, budget sample syringe filters.
Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) Performance Verification (PV) available for a range of HPLC, GC, Atomic Absorption, UV/Vis spectrometers (spectrophotometers)

We also stock a complete range of consumables and supplies from Titan sample filters to vials and liners to columns from leading suppliers such as GC columns, glass liners, ferrules from SGE,  eVol from SGE, eVol is the first digitally controlled analytical syringe, sample vials and filters from SUN-SRi, UV,Xenon and HCL (AA) lamps from Cathodeon and UV/Vis accessories and cuvettes from Hellma. A vast range of D2 lamps, Deuterium lamps, UV lamps, AA lamps.  And alternative long life D2 lamps, Deuterium lamps. And alternative UV lamps and AA lamps.  We also supply a budget range of sample syringe filters - classic filters.
HPLC column filing systems . HPLC Column Storage.  Organise your HPLC Columns with ReCol HPLC Column Filing Storage Solutions.

We supply Alternative HPLC Parts & Fittings, including Pump Spares & Tubing, Kromega range.
Contact us now for further information or please browse through our website for more details.